Digitization of companies: a digital turn in sales
August 24, 2022

The digitalization of companies, or how to boost your sales

These days, it' s obvious that almost all companies are going digital

If consumers have the possibility to go online every day, at any time to buy products or to book services, how could any business not be strongly incentivized to digitize its business?

Indeed, the digital shift is an opportunity to develop a business in a sustainable way (link to article: How to develop your business in a sustainable way? By implementing new processes and equipping yourself with digital tools, you have a lot to gain! Let's explain.

August 24, 2022

What is the digitalization of companies?

The digitalization of companies: definition

To define the digitalization of companies, we talk about the use of digital technology in companies to replace old ways of doing things.

We also talk about digital transformation.

Digital technology can be used to communicate, process orders, organize schedules, manage inventory or handle customer payments.

Nowadays, it is possible for a company to use digital technology in all its professional processes. This is a natural progression caused by the new technologies developed over the last 15 years.

Digital technology affects all aspects of a company: from the internal organization to its external communication, and even to the purchasing process of its customers. It allows a company's employees to connect with each other and with external customers and partners in a few clicks!

The business world is making its transition in an uneven way. Some professions will be more easily impacted by the transition. Some sectors are lagging behind. But generally speaking, every industry is affected by this technological evolution.

What about the digitalization of the retail sector?

As far as the retail sector is concerned, it's the same thing! If you are a retailer, you can't miss the integration of technology in your business strategy.

Moreover, the memories of the year 2020 are just another proof: having a digital presence in addition to a physical store, is an asset!

When you own a physical store, you can opt for several techniques to digitalize your customer experience:

  • The "web in store" allows you to integrate digital tools in your physical store: this is the case for example when you have a terminal connected to your website to view a video or other products in stock
  • The "web to store" concept refers to the tools you use online to attract your customers in store: for example the "click and collect" service to encourage sales or special promotions sent by SMS.

In any case, digital technology allows you to offer your customers a very smooth shopping experience. 

What are the possible digital solutions for companies?

When we talk about digitalization, we often talk about its tools!

The most obvious example is the website. For a merchant, it is often the first element that marks a step towards digitalization.

But there are many other tools of digitalization for companies such as :

  • Social networks
  • A mobile application
  • Business software (CRM, performance measurement, reservation tool, room reservation software, etc.)
  • Newsletters and promotional SMS

The benefits of digitalization for SMEs

Have more chance to reach your targets and expand your horizons!

To date, even if the digitalization of companies is essential for all, some are still struggling to get on the bandwagon. Thus, it is estimated that less than 20% of companies have an e-commerce site to sell their products online.

Thanks to a website, your means to make yourself known are unlimited. There are no more geographical barriers: your shop window is visible all over the world! Just a few years ago, you had to use flyers and printed advertisements to reach your local target.  

But to expand your scope of reach and connect with more prospects, you need to have a good knowledge of digital tools

The opportunity to interact directly with your customers and prospects

When you start digitizing your business, you will be able to interact more easily with your prospects.

Indeed, today, 80% of consumers get information on the Internet before making a purchase! It is therefore necessary to provide your customers with information about your products or services

Thus, as soon as your customers begin to consider buying a product, you can offer them useful web content through your website or on your social networks. 

Moreover, thanks to digital technology, you can be permanently connected with your customers. You can answer calls or messages from your prospects very quickly to help them make a choice when purchasing from your business.

A digital company is also a transparent company that has understood the challenges and potential of digital. 

Do not hesitate to communicate on your social networks to show your behind-the-scenes: it is a great opportunity to be even closer to your customers! Customers appreciate the instantaneous and personal nature of this type of information which encourages them to interact with your company.

Woman with tablet

A tool to develop and improve your business

Today, the web is also a tool to save time and increase your efficiency as a company. Do you have any doubts about this? 

Let us tell you about all the digital tools that are at your disposal and that will give you a serious boost:

  • Access to centralized services, accessible anywhere and in real time (accounting software, billing, order tracking)
  • Instant work sharing with your collaborators
  • Order management and secure payment tool integrated to your e-commerce site with tools like Qart
  • Delivery and queue management tools for a successful customer experience

In fact, more than 50% of companies that have gone digital say they have improved their profitability. Digitalization is also at the origin of an increase in employee productivity.

Finally, the online sales sector is booming and generates billions in sales every year. In 2021, the e-commerce sector still recorded an increase of 13% compared to 2020!

If you are a SME, a craftsman or independent, the web is a way to diversify your business. Don't wait for your competitors to take control of this space - take the lead!

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Frequently asked questions: Digitalization of companies

The digitalization of companies : what does that mean ?

That's what this article is all about! The digitalization of companies represents all actions that are aimed at creating a digital company. In other words, it means putting in place digital processes when you used to use paper based processes. In concrete terms, this means, for example, abandoning a paper-based order calendar for a collaborative digital calendar! We have given you examples of the benefits of digitizing your company in the previous paragraphs 😉

What are the tools of digitization?

This is a question that we raise in this article, which presents a definition of the digitalization of companies. Here are some concrete examples: an intranet space to connect your employees to each other, a collaborative suite to follow your business as a team, a secure payment terminal, digital communication tools (website, social networks, etc.) or various business applications (order or reservation management for example). It is important to have a long term strategy to succeed in your digital transformation.

What is the digitalization of the point of sale?

In this article, we have shown you how digitization can be a development tool for your sales activity. For merchants, it's about conquering a new distribution channel. However, we also sometimes talk about the digitalization of the point of sale. What is it exactly? It is not exactly the same as creating an e-commerce store for your business. No. Digitalization of the point of sale consists in bringing digital elements in your physical space to improve the customer experience on site. For example, equipping your restaurant or store with quick order kiosks. It can also take the form of tablets connected to your website that give more accurate information about your products compared to your product labels.