Simply powerful.

Qart offers everything you need to run your business online. You only need a web browser, like the one you're using right now. We provide the rest.

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Why Qart?

Small stores miss consumers who research online before they buy. The problem? Nine out of ten customers now buy this way. Unattractive options are why only a quarter of small retailers are visible online and allow online shopping.

Don't worry about design.

Creating a great user experience online is no easy feat. That's why your shop is deliberately not fully customizable to guarantee an optimal shopping experience for your customers.

Design on autopilot.

Our visual blueprint for every Qart store was crafted by designers to be appealing, persuasive and quick to load on all devices. With our timeless design solution, the automatically created web stores are suitable for all industries, products and services.

Built to delight your customers.

We've been racking our brains for a long time about how to make an online store as user-friendly as possible. The solution: An online store that optimizes itself based on your images, content and number of products and services. This guarantees maximum usability with a minimum need for adjustment.

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close to your customers.

The internet can seem like an anonymous space, but it doesn't have to be. Interact with your customers, almost as if you were face-to-face.

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From one-hit-wonders to lifelong fans.

Your customers online are more than just an order number. We store information about your customer's identity and order history to maximize convenience during shopping. Address information, for instance, are already automatically filled out, once a customer buys from your shop a second time.

More than the sum of its products.

Highlight your business's history, values and team members. Connect your social media accounts. Show your opening hours. Share your location with an interactive map. Your customers will be able to discover a lot about your company.

Sell absolutely anything*

We don't charge per product or service. Create as many items and variants as you want.

*nothing illegal please.

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Physical Products

Sell all kinds of physical goods in your online shop. Add as many photos as you want. As much text as your customers would want to read.

Mockup digital product

Digital Products

E-books, songs, photos, subscriptions and more. We only limit you to 10GB per digital item rest is unlimited.
Anyways, coming soon.
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Everything you need to offer any kind of service. Manage agendas, employee availabilities and complex booking requirements.

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Sell products of different colors, sizes, and more. Product variations can be combined easily and have their own price, weight and stock.

Manage everything.

Really everything. It doesn't even all fit on this page. Click on the titles below to see all the details on the delivery and payments features.



All payment methods

Accept payments from credit or debit cards, digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal and more.

Risk and fraud prevention

Stripe’s risk analysis uses machine learning algorithms to help bring suspicious orders to your attention and prevent fraud.

Issue refunds

Easily cancel payments and return the funds to the shopper.

Tax automation - coming soon

All delivery options

Offer flexible shipping options like in-store pick-up, home delivery or direct sale in-store. Adjust these methods by creating manual shipping rules or scheduling an order pickup.

Automatic carrier shipping rates

Calculated shipping provides your customers with up-to-date shipping rates at the time that they place an order in your store. No estimated or rounded shipping rates undermining trust from your customers.

Shipment tracking

Our integration with Shippo provides you with tracking information and notifications to keep you and your customers up-to-date.

Collage Qart features

No employee left behind.

Manage orders efficiently.

Item inventory? In stock.

Your entire team can join your online shop. Unlimited staff accounts, different roles. Manage vacations, working hours and more.

View new orders and manage fulfillment in a user-friendly dashboard. Add orders manually as well. Nothing is going to slip through the cracks.

We make sure you''re never selling products you don't have in stock. The item count decreases automatically with every sale, so you only have to focus on adding your products.

Promote your products.

Highlight your favorite items. Show off your newest arrivals. Simple, but effective marketing actions that attract your visitor's attention.

Optimized for humans. And robots.

Our platform automatically optimizes your website, products and services to make sure that no search engine will miss it.
Through our integration with Google My Business, your shop will pop up online when potential customers search for businesses near them.

Domain on hand? Perfect.
Not yet? Don't worry.

Every online store receives a domain ending in for free. For example If you have already bought a domain, for instance, you can simply use that instead.

Mockup and stockphoto sovereign shop

We're not cutting corners when it comes to security.

We haven't reinvented the wheel when it comes to security. We rely on proven methods to protect your online store from attackers and fraudsters.

Secure communication.

Every shop comes with an SSL certificate. That ensures all communication between your shop and your customer is secret.

Secure payments.

By integrating with Stripe, we're PCI compliant and can ensure full security of credit, debit and cash card transactions.

Online 24/7.

Reliability, scalability and high availability out of the box. Never worry about your site going down or losing valuable data.

Sensitive data in good hands.

We make sure your and your customers' data is protected safely and processed only as much as needed.

Difficult tasks? A piece of cake.

Legal documents. Revenue analytics. Customer insights. Service lifecycle management. Automated invoice. Notifications. Sounds hard? We make it easy.

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Self-generated policies.

We provide you with all the mandatory legal documents. You're always free to use your own, if you want.

Insights delivered free of charge.

Track your performance and get rich insights into your shop with Qart’s built-in analytic tools.

Hassle-free scheduling.

Reduce client no-shows with automated email reminders. Manage cancellation and rescheduling requests with just a few clicks.

Invoicing without effort.

Whenever a customer buys an item, the system automatically sends the invoice via email.

Are we missing something?

We're actively working on our product to make sure we bring as much benefit as possible. We'd love to learn about your idea.