How can you improve the visibility of your website?
July 4, 2022

Improve your website's visibility with these 6 techniques

The importance of an online presence is undeniable. But what good is a website without visitors? To avoid such a situation, companies rely on digital strategies aimed at increasing website traffic.

Different techniques can be used to increase visibility: natural or paid search engine optimization, emailing, social networks, etc. If you master one of these methods, you can use it to generate visitors and maybe even customers.

This article presents 6 techniques that you should know in order to improve the visibility of your website.

July 4, 2022

Improve the visibility of your website: What matters

Why it is important to improve your visibility

You have created a website: Bravo! It is the result of a long thought process that is finally seeing the light of day.
A website alone will not be enough to increase your visibility and make your business successful.

You must first make sure that your website is visited, by increasing traffic to your pages, by making it visible in search engines, presenting it to Internet users on different platforms (social networks, forums, etc.), and by using various techniques to increase the visibility of a website.

There is no magic formula: often the different techniques complement each other. For example, you can create paid ads, but you also need to maintain the content of your own website so that the ads lead to relevant pages. So it's best to take a layered approach and work with different options to increase the visibility of your own website.

How do you implement the right strategies to increase visibility and how do you measure them?

Whatever measures you take to attract visitors to your website, one thing is always the same: it is essential that you measure the success of your strategy by tracking the so-called "KPIs" (Key Performance Indicators). These are the most important metrics that you can monitor using web analytics tools: For starters, of course, you can begin by monitoring the number of visitors to your website.

Then compare which page is attracting the most traffic. Also, it can be interesting to track the origin of your visitors: Is your traffic coming from social networks? From your advertising campaigns? From the Google search engine? What is your conversion rate? Of course, it should be noted that the KPIs to track depend on the visibility strategy you choose.

iPad with website data

6 techniques to improve the visibility of a website.

SEO or natural search engine optimization

To sustainably improve your website's visibility, natural search engine optimization (SEO) is one option. It includes all the techniques used to make a website appear in the best search engine results for a search query. SEO is based on three pillars:

  1. Content: your website must be regularly filled with quality content that answers your prospects' or customers' questions
  2. Technology: the website must be well designed so that the robots of the search engines can find it easily
  3. Popularity: these are the links that refer to your website and that you can create between other websites (inbound and outbound links)

If you are following a natural search engine optimization strategy, you need to work on these three elements. For example, you can start by including a blog on your website. Writing articles with content that might be relevant to your potential customers is a great place to start improving your natural search engine optimization.

Social networks

Social networks or social media are also powerful tools for increasing the visibility of a company or organization. Nowadays, the vast majority of internet users use social networks to stay informed and entertained on a daily basis. For example, a company can set up a page on the following social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and TikTok.

We recommend that you first choose a social network according to your field of activity. For example, a company that sells clothes should be present on Instagram. It is better to invest in a single network and measure the results of these actions than to try to be present everywhere.

The more relevant and targeted the content you share, the more you can build a community around your business. Social media is really useful for talking about your products and services and sharing links that point to your website.

Writing a newsletter

Another way to promote websites is to create content that adds value to the website. To do this, a company can set up a newsletter that is sent to all of its customers.

This is a great tactic to maintain a relationship with customers and prospects. The newsletter can be sent out weekly or monthly. It is the mouthpiece for your news. It can help announce your company's latest updates or promotions, or create informative content around your business.

It also helps to improve the visibility of your website by including links to your website.

SEA or paid search engine optimization

Paid Search Engine Optimization , also called SEA (Search Engine Advertising), is a tool for creating advertisements. It is a real boost in making your website more popular. Of course, this is a paid method that works only in the short term.

Google's advertising system, Google Ads, can be used for instance. Your task is to set the keywords you want to target and pay for your website to appear for those searches. However, when the advertising is over, you no longer benefit from this temporary increase in awareness. This technique is particularly interesting for launching a brand, product or even as part of a promotion.

Example SEA screenshot

Working on your network

It's also a good idea to increase your visibility outside of the Internet. Meet people, make contacts, participate in events! Start by spreading the word about your business to your closest network (friends, family). They can write about your business on social media and link to your page. This is a straightforward and inexpensive way to make your business more popular online.

Likewise, you can identify influential people around you. You can offer them a partnership, tell them about your products, or invite them to guest post on your blog or do a podcast about your business. Discussion groups or forums are also great places where you can spread the word about your business.

For starters, have a look at Facebook groups that relate to your area of business.

Creating a Google My Business account

If you have a physical store you should definitely create a Google My Business account. Google My Business is a tool that allows you to promote your business locally by entering a search query related to your name or website URL. Have a look at this post to learn more: Getting your business onto the Google search engine

This is perfect for improving your local search engine optimization! Your potential customers will find out what services you offer, your opening hours, and where you are located. They can also ask you questions directly through this service.

In addition, you can use this tool to allow your customers to leave reviews. Customer reviews are a cornerstone of a business's online reputation. They are easily visible and can have a decisive influence on a purchase action. We therefore recommend that you encourage your customers to leave reviews.

Between optimizing search engine rankings, launching an emailing campaign, or creating SEA campaigns.... Which technique will you choose for your website? Keep in mind the most important thing: the key point is to measure the effectiveness of each action!

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Frequently asked questions: Increasing the visibility of your website

How can you improve the natural search engine optimization of a website?

SEO is a valuable resource to make your website appear in the first search results of Google. However, you need to make the right technical decisions when creating your website. You also need to develop a content and netlinking strategy to gain optimal visibility online. Here are some points that you should not neglect when launching your website:

  • Choose the right domain name that represents your business well
  • A site should deal with a specific keyword: Think about it while building your website
  • Provide your pages with keywords and personalized URLs
  • Create a website that focuses on the user and is optimized for smartphones
  • Try to keep the loading time of the website as low as possible

Is it possible to increase the traffic of your website for free?

It is possible to increase the traffic of a website using free techniques. Most of the techniques mentioned in this article can be used without spending any money. The exception is SEA, which is a paid option. However, with all other solutions (SEO, newsletters, social networks, etc.) you will have to have time and patience until you see the first results.

How do you advertise an e-commerce website?

E-commerce websites are websites where you can buy products. They are different from traditional websites that showcase your business and do not offer payment options. Although creating an e-commerce website is more complex than creating a traditional website, the ways to improve its visibility are the same. You can use all the techniques described in this article: SEA, SEO, social networks or local search engine optimization.